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torment is a synonym of bother

verb [ tawr-ment ]

torment is another word for bother

Bother means to disturb or annoy someone, causing them slight trouble or inconvenience (My little brother likes to bother me when I’m studying).

Torment means to cause severe and persistent pain or distress to someone, either physically or emotionally (The villain tormented the hero with cruel tricks).

✅ These terms both describe causing distress or discomfort.

Bother is usually milder and more about annoyance, while torment implies a much more intense and prolonged suffering (The buzzing fly was bothering me; The constant bullying tormented him for years).

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promise is a synonym of hope

noun [ prom-is ]

promise is another word for hope

Hope is the best word to refer to a feeling that something you want will happen (Her hope was that all her colleagues would find new jobs).

Promise is the best word to refer to a sense that someone or something will do well in the future (The actor showed promise).

✅ Both hope and promise predict that something will happen, though it's not certain that it will (He has a hope that he’ll get into the competition; the promise of a sunny day).

Hope emphasizes a sense of optimism, especially one that drives you. However, hope generally suggests less concrete evidence for that optimism. Promise suggests the evidence of potential and capability, supporting the sense of optimism.

It is our hope that the Synonym of the Day has lived up to its promise.

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console is a synonym of comfort

verb [ kuhn-sohl ]

console is another word for comfort

Comfort means to reassure and soothe someone, especially so that they feel more cheerful (She watched her favorite TV program to comfort herself).

Console means to soothe someone experiencing extreme distress, in a way that helps them to calm down (I consoled him after he was laid off).

✅ Both comfort and console refer to helping someone deal with painful and difficult feelings, like disappointment, sadness and grief (I tried my best to comfort them; She hoped her words consoled him).

✅ However, comfort emphasizes making someone feel more cheered, whereas console emphasizes helping to alleviate the difficult feelings or helping someone to feel calm.

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